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Black and White Inspired Veranda

I stumbled upon this relaxing but stylish veranda/terrace that has a combination of black and white colors.

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The black canopy looks perfect together with the white walls.And it seems that this get-up is easy to maintain and effortlessly breath-taking.

But, for those who would like to have a more romantic ambiance, check out the red canopy version:

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Got some Great Deal Today!

I went to a warehouse sale today and I spot very nice bedding that has a combination of black and white. It has a skirting too and a nice dainty floral designs its side. The good thing is that it will match the black and white theme that I want to use in my room.

And because it is offered cheap, I was able to bought 2 sets with different designs. I also bought peach and yellow beddings for my mom’s room and car themed bedding for my nephew. Then on the ceramics section, I get interested with the medium size white vase from China. I purchased one and will put artificial flowers on it for my center table.

I was looking for a lampshade with a touch of black on its base because I wanted to complement the white and black vinyl flooring that I will soon install in my room but what I found is a glass-made lampshade that has black fabric around it. It looks elegant at the price that is not expensive so I also brought it. :)

Combining Black and White Colors In Your Room

At first, I thought that black and white color combination in a room is plain and sort of…boring but not until I saw a magazine that featured a studio unit flaunting the gorgeousness of these colors. The room, although has limited floor area looked bigger and roomy after incorporating the color combination of black and white.

The combination of colors black and white also threw a fresh and soothing ambiance in that room. But what surprised me in that color combination in a room is its elegance… plus, you can make use of any furniture and fixtures designs because black and white can easily jive with other colors.

I must try it in my room because I really fell in love with the elegance that it imparted with the studio room that used to be plain before the make-over. I am thinking of starting on my flooring by installing a black and white vinyl tiles. 

Interior Designing For Home

I am planning to redecorate our home because it is somewhat old and the paint is dull already.A friend told me that I should consult an interior designer to drastically transform our home…that is a good idea isn’t it?

Interior designing can really transform a place into a classy one and if I want a total make-over for our home, I should really consult a professional. But of course, hiring an interior designer needs budget…and suddenly, it gives me an urge to search for some tips on how to do your own interior designing.

I just hope that i can arrive in a design that will match the sense of style of my parents and siblings ;)

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