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Got some Great Deal Today!

I went to a warehouse sale today and I spot very nice bedding that has a combination of black and white. It has a skirting too and a nice dainty floral designs its side. The good thing is that it will match the black and white theme that I want to use in my room.

And because it is offered cheap, I was able to bought 2 sets with different designs. I also bought peach and yellow beddings for my mom’s room and car themed bedding for my nephew. Then on the ceramics section, I get interested with the medium size white vase from China. I purchased one and will put artificial flowers on it for my center table.

I was looking for a lampshade with a touch of black on its base because I wanted to complement the white and black vinyl flooring that I will soon install in my room but what I found is a glass-made lampshade that has black fabric around it. It looks elegant at the price that is not expensive so I also brought it. :)

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